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Capella Parkview Convention Center 3 Dang Van Sam Street, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City


Vietnam And International SEO Experts In The Biggest Event Until Now

Along with the development of Digital Marketing, how has SEO played its role in the Marketing Landscape?

Moreover, how does SEO tend to develop? What is its development tendency? And how have Vietnamese SEO share their perspectives and built up the foundation of Vietnam SEO Industry? Do Local SEO in Vietnam and Global SEO come with the same voice?

Therefore, more and more compelling topics should be discussed, for the first time, with the experts – here to meet up and share their viewpoints on SEO in this Vietnam SEO Summit.

The exclusive one-day summit gathers up to 10 “tough guys” in SEO/Digital Marketing from both Vietnam and prestigious international guests.

This is an opportunity to learn from not only local experts with market experiences but also global experts with the global techniques. You’ll get the whole big thing to draw up your own gemstones!


Who Should Attend <br> Vietnam SEO Summit

Who Should Attend
Vietnam SEO Summit

If you are …

  1. SEOers, whether a “newbie” or a “veteran” in the industry
  2. Digital Marketer, Digital Performance, Social Media Specialist – What SEO can do for you?
  3. Copywriter, Content Marketer – Expert in writing proper SEO articles
  4. Business owners, managers who are interested in SEO solutions for businesses
  5. Persons who work in Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing and MMO Bros

Vietnam SEO Summit is the exclusive event for you!

The goals of <br> Vietnam SEO Summit

The goals of
Vietnam SEO Summit

  1. Share the multi-dimensional, proven and positive ways to understand SEO with the community.
  2. Help the members of the Marketing community understand more about SEO as a tool/technique/strategy to effectively apply and optimally attach it to the whole Digital Marketing campaign.
  3. Disclosure the SEO secrets that untold for a long time. The opportunity to networking with others for new opportunities.
  4. Provide real information and proper perspective to SEO. Make it clearly understand and set appropriate career orientation together with SEO community. Enhance the HR quality of the SEO Vietnam community in general.
  5. Update the latest information on SEO world with Vietnam SEO community.


Vietnam SEO Summit will share with you the answers, solutions to problems that many Digital Marketers and SEO professionals usually have to face with 8 useful topics:

1. The Importance of Content Marketing in SEO and content optimization methods according to standards of each project type.

2. Keys to increase the funnel traffic for sales. Utilize copywriting technique and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to optimize web content and increase purchasing power.

3. Link building process for website in SEO (Global and Local Link Building At Scale). Learn about the latest backlink building techniques from Global SEO for application in Vietnam market.

4. The overall SEO process from basic to advanced will help not only newbie but also the senior to review and optimize your own SEO process.

5. The effective of good internal links and website structure optimized and standardized for SEO / UX / UI. The mindset and methods when it comes to silo structures.

6. The right mindset when considering to learn and using SEO tools in general and GSA Search Engine Ranker in particularly.

7. Omni-Channel SEO & Multi-Channel SEO for Sale. Learn about the latest Omni-Channel concept, SEO cannot be separate from the big landscape of Marketing and keep changing with the change of search algorithms. Understand SEO to help businesses take advantages of SEO and gain the business competitive edges before the competitors, that will make business optimally increase the revenue and profits.

8. Techniques to leverage the power of SEO for E-Commerce outside the business (Lazada & External E-Commerce Marketplace SEO).


*Speeches are simultaneously interpreted from English to Vietnamese to ensure 100% information is delivered. We’ll get you the headset to clearly listen the stranlating from Speakers.


Gregory Elfrink

Gregory Elfrink

Marketing Director of Empire Flippers

Marketing Director of <span>Empire Flippers</span>
Featured on

Gregory will share with you the following details:

  1. The Art Of Content Creation for both Branding Booster and increasing the SEO conversion rate as well. The content optimization techniques that friendly On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.
  2. Content Navigation Techniques: Funnel the users from a random visit to a potential buyer and even turn them into a loyal customers.
  3. How to develop a Content planning for a wide-ranging Digital Marketing and Branding strategy and then effectively coordinate it with the SEO plan in terms of technicals.
Tan Dom

Tan Dom

Head Of Marketing of Haravan

Head Of Marketing of <span>Haravan</span>
Featured on

Tan Dom will share with you the following details:

  1. Combining Social Media channels with the SEO channel to increase the organic traffic and returning traffic.
  2. User transfering from Website to Social interaction for brand identity maximization along with purchase power increase.
  3. The power of Omni-Channel SEO for sales and the potential to massive reaching the target customers for your own business.
Thuy Ngoc Tran

Thuy Ngoc Tran

Founder Of SEO Beginner

Founder Of <span>SEO Beginner</span>

Mr.Thuy will share with you the following details:

  1. Detailed SEO process from planning to implementation, unforgettable experience of deployment in measurement and optimization of SEO planning.
  2. SEO methods and backlinks system management for the initiative in every situation of SEO.
  3. Management of the effectiveness of the satellite/PBN sites system and how to utilize their power.
  4. How to manage the efficiency and collaboration of human resources and finance, cost, time for a SEO project in order to bring maximum efficiency for business.
Daryl Rosser

Daryl Rosser

Founder Of Lion Zeal

Founder Of <span>Lion Zeal</span>
Featured on

Daryl will share with you the following details:

  1. All about the key points in implementing Links Building. Experiences of building links on different platforms.
  2. Natural link Building Techniques and Methods. How to build links with the highest efficiency.
  3. Experience of identifying, analyzing, planning and building the Anchor Text ratio standards since Google’s major algorithm updates in 2018.
  4. How to manage a project, where to build links with different intensity and density for different categories, topics, industries.
Tom BelFort

Tom BelFort

Founder Of Belfort Digital

Founder Of <span>Belfort Digital</span>

Tom will share with you the following details:

  1. The profound influence of Internal Links on an overall SEO plan, the navigation of internal link power in each specific project.
  2. Link structures in a website. Understanding the value of internal links and How to “circulate the meridians” for websites and increase the sustainability and power of projects.
  3. Advanced silo structure in practice since the new algorithm changes in 2018. Reason for the necessity of new trend update on Silo structure.
  4. The differences in structures and methods of linking by different internal links. Way to deploy internal links according to the characteristics of each different category/niche/industry.
Diep Nguyen

Diep Nguyen

Security & Floor Sweeper of BTNRocket

Security & Floor Sweeper of <span>BTNRocket</span>

Diep Nguyen will share with you the following details:

  1. Should you invest in system and running Linkbuilding softwares like GSA Search Engine Ranker for project or not? Cost, Time, Power, and Risk Factors for Running a GSA for SEO
  2. Experience and Criteria for Implementing a Successful SEO Project with the GSA. Demo of successful case growth rankings.
  3. Misleading thoughts and myths about SEO software in general and GSA SEO software in particular, causing the SEO project to be relegated and unrecoverable, leading to serious losses of project and demo case study.
  4. … Other case studies of combining GSA with the SEO campaings.
Tinh Dinh

Tinh Dinh

Founder Of Leadgle

Founder Of <span>Leadgle</span>

Mr. Tinh will share with you the following details:

  1. SEO Google Maps in Vietnam: Tinh will share his strategy for SEO Maps, an underestimate thing in Vietnamese SEO for local SEO. The vision of reaching potential customers through Google Maps.
  2. SEO Social: This strategy has make Tinh’s projects success over 5 years, overcome almost the Google’s algor updates. He will tell you the clever methods to leverage the Social environment for SEO.
  3. The untold experiences to survive in SEO for years, that would make your projects ranking more stable, longer and cheaper in invesment…
Mr.X - Tim Soulo

Mr.X - Tim Soulo

Head Of Marketing Of Ahrefs

Head Of Marketing Of <span>Ahrefs</span>

We’ll keep the secrets of this special speakers. Hope this thing make you surprise ^^!

Ask Me Anything

Beside the precious share from natinal and international speakers, Vietnam SEO Summit also has the Ask-Me-Anything dedidated for Questions & Aswers (Q&A) all about SEO and other related things from SEO experts in the world.

*Speeches & talking are simultaneously interpreted from English to Vietnamese to ensure 100% information is delivered. We’ll get you the headset to clearly listen the stranlating from Speakers.

*Exclusive in this AMA session, Vietnam SEO Summit will have the really, really special guest from Global SEO, Matt Diggity, the top Affiliate SEO expert with many real SEO tests and case studies. Any gurus SEO out there mostly know him or even learn from him. 


Matt Diggity Matt Diggity
Daryl Rosser Daryl Rosser
Tom Belffort Tom Belffort
Tim Soulo Tim Soulo
Diep Nguyen Diep Nguyen
Gregory James Elfrink Gregory James Elfrink
Tinh Dinh Tinh Dinh
Thuy Ngoc Tran Thuy Ngoc Tran


750,000 VND

STANDARD - (No. 300+)

  1. Tham dự toàn bộ chương trình
  2. Giao lưu, đặt câu hỏi cho diễn giả
  3. Kết nối, trao đổi với cộng đồng anh em SEO & Digital
  4. Teabreak không giới hạn
  5. *Giành cho anh em hoặc người mới vào nghề tiết kiệm chi phí
950,000 VND

DELUXE - (No. 200+)

  1. Tham dự toàn bộ chương trình
  2. Giao lưu, đặt câu hỏi cho diễn giả
  3. Kết nối, trao đổi với cộng đồng anh em SEO & Digital
  4. Teabreak không giới hạn
  5. Ưu tiên nhận SLIDE của diễn giả trong chương trình
  6. Chỗ ngồi dãy giữa của khán phòng, *Xem sơ đồ chỗ ngồi*
1,450,000 VND

VIP (No. 80+)

  1. Tham dự toàn bộ chương trình
  2. Giao lưu, đặt câu hỏi cho diễn giả
  3. Kết nối, trao đổi với cộng đồng anh em SEO & Digital
  4. Teabreak không giới hạn
  5. Ưu tiên nhận slide diễn giả trong chương trình
  6. Có sổ note và bút sẵn ngay tại chỗ ngồi
  7. Chỗ ngồi có bàn riêng, để đặt laptop và thuận tiện cho việc ghi chú
  8. Ưu tiên ngồi những dãy đầu, sát sân khấu, *Xem sơ đồ chỗ ngồi*


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